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Ocean Gems

Ocean Gems sources the best seafood around the world. Our stringent selection process ensures consistently excellent quality.  Every piece of seafood is cleaned, processed, snap-frozen and packed within hours of harvesting to preserve its natural freshness and taste.

No preservatives or chemicals are used in the process. We insist on premium quality seafood that meets the highest international standards, delivered in convenient, ready-to-use packaging. You can join some of the world’s most demanding gourmet chefs in enjoying Ocean Gems seafood, with full confidence in its excellence, every single day.

What We Carry

Our Latest Addition

Abrolhos Octopus

Chefs love Abrolhos octopus for its superior sweet taste and tender texture - but it’s hard to find. This unique octopus lives on reefs off Western Australia, feasting on seafood. But now we have Abrolhos Octopus Raw Tentacles in ready-to-cook 1kg packs. The octopus are sustainably wild-caught, flash- frozen and packed daily on the harbor’s edge to preserve taste and texture.

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Baby Octopus

Ocean Gems Whole Baby Octopus (40-60 grams each) are cleaned and flash-frozen for convenient cooking. No chemical treatments or preservatives are used. To cook, thaw frozen baby octopus overnight in the fridge, or quick-thaw under running water.


Ocean Gems Cuttlefish are cleaned, flash-frozen and packed within hours of harvest. No preservatives or chemicals are used. Chefs prefer cleaned cuttlefish for all types of cuisines, such as Chinese sauté, Korean BBQ, and marinated cuttlefish.

Loligo Squid

High quality, whole Loligo Squid are cleaned, processed, flash-frozen and packed in hours to preserve their natural freshness. No preservatives and chemicals are used. These easy-to-use whole and cleaned squid suit BBQ skewers, paella, calamari, or salads.

Hard Shell Clams

Hard Shell Clams are wild caught from beautiful tropical mangrove forest in Vietnam. They are handpicked by fishermen under a MSC certified fishery standard and the de-sand process make it tasty, user-friendly and ready to cook.  Ocean Gems Hard Shell Clams are great for steaming and stir fry.

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Ocean Gems Catalogue