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We provide the finest produce selection in Cambodia
We supply an extensive selection of the finest products and ingredients to hotels and restaurants across CAMBODIA.
The chef's one stop shop for high quality products.
The number one quality meat distributor in CAMBODIA.

Our Mission


FOODSERVICE APME offers both culinary and business expertise to help you grow your business. Aside from having a great selection of quality food & beverage products; we are also here to advise on global food and hospitality trends, seasonal products around the world, share ways to increase efficiency, and ultimately increase your profitability.

Our House Brands

The Carne Meats Raw range includes top graded fresh beef, plus fresh lamb, poultry, seafood and pork, including gourmet Iberico pork. All cuts are prepared by skilled butchers into a variety of popular cuts, plus meatballs, patties and ground meats.

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This wide range of different seafood delicacies is harvested around the world. It is prepared within hours of being caught, and flash-frozen or processed using state-of-the-art technology. This ensures every seafood product is consistently excellent – and our constant audits and evaluation keep it that way. A large range of sustainable seafood is available, independently certified by leading authorities, including the Marine Stewardship Council.

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Dairy Delight crafts a complete line of cheeses for restaurant professionals. The line includes shredded, diced, sliced and blocks of cheese.

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We offer a diverse and exciting range of products sourced from all over the world.

Our clients are leaders in the professional food community in Cambodia, and include top hotels and restaurants, caterers, supermarkets and gourmet retail shops.
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Our Bestsellers

Tajima Australian Grain-Fed Wagyu Beef

Tajima Australian Grain-Fed Wagyu Beef is so good it has won awards around the world - even in Japan. Many believe Japan’s Tajima cattle produce the best Wagyu beef in Japan, because of the large eye muscle and melt-in-the-mouth marbling. But Tajima cattle grow slowly, so only a limited amount of this beef is available. Now Tajima cross-bred cattle are also raised in Australia, under the care of expert Japanese nutritionists. Cattle are fed a special grain mix for a minimum of 500 days – much longer than other grain-fed cattle. The feed is also grown on the same farm, to ensure quality and traceability. The result is exceptional grain-fed Wagyu beef.

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Harvey Grass-Fed Beef

100% grass-fed beef, with no antibiotics or growth hormones. The meat is fully traceable because it is produced from a farmers collective in Western Australia with 160 years of proud history. The beef is available butchered and ready to cook in a range of popular cuts, and in chilled or frozen format.

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Grainge Certified Angus

Grainge beef is noted for its distinctive natural marbling, flavor and tenderness.​ Customers are assured of quality because Grainge Verified Black Angus Beef comes only from prime Black Angus cattle, grain-fed for 150 days. To ensure consistent quality, Grainge cattle and meat are independently inspected and verified by the Australian Department of Agriculture and AUSMEAT.

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Blue Ribbon Angus Beef from the USA

Angus beef is the first choice for many customers because this beef is full of flavor, juicy and tender. Blue Ribbon Certified Angus from the USA comes from trusted farmers in the Northern Plains region of the USA. Cattle follow a certified breeding program and eat grain diets for at least 100 days. This enhances the beef’s natural Fine to Medium marbling. Blue Ribbon Certified Angus is verified by the US Department of Agriculture for consistent Choice and Select cuts of beef.

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Arla Pro

Based in Denmark, Arla Pro is famous for high-performing dairy products and cheeses for food professionals. Arla Pro pizza topping cheese mix and mozzarella cheese are both available frozen, in shredded or block format. Premium Danish-style unsalted Lactic butter is also available. Many chefs find Lactic butter ideal for baking and cooking because it contains less water than other churned butters, and has a sweeter, richer flavor.

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Made from rich Irish milk, Millac professional dairy products offer chefs the benefits and taste of dairy, but with greater versatility and functionality. For example, Millac Roselle Aerosol Cream is perfect to use in gas whippers and best-selling Millac Gold Cream tastes just like fresh pasteurized cream but it is far more versatile. It suits sweet and savory dishes, does not split during cooking and reduces just like dairy cream. It is suitable for whipping, baking and cooking.

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Farm Frites

Farm Frites grow potatoes in seven locations around the world to make their wide range of frozen, ready-to-cook french fries. This ensures consistent quality year-round, along with significant operational advantages in the kitchen.  Farm Frites frozen french fry potatoes are ready to cook, so they reduce waste and costly kitchen prep, plus chefs are assured of fries with a consistently excellent taste and crispy texture. The Farm Frites range includes frozen and ready-to-cook shoestring fries, crinkle cut fries, steakhouse fries, skin-on potato wedges and hash brown potatoes.

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Delifrance are specialists in frozen and part-baked breads and European-style sweet and savory pastries suitable for breakfast buffets, snacks and tea sets. Products are made with French butter, using traditional methods and include classic French menu options, like baguette bread, butter croissants and Danish pastries. Frozen puff pastry in professional sizes is also available.

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