The Cambodia Story

Indoguna Cambodia’s grand opening is February 2018, at Raffles Le Royal Hotel
Ocean Gems by Indoguna seafood products range is available for trade customers in Cambodia
Carne Meats Raw launches, a brand that offers beef without antibiotics or hormones
Indoguna Cambodia’s purpose built, and state-of-the-art temperature controlled warehouse and office space opens in Phnom Penh
Launch of Indoguna Cambodia butchery and meat processing facility
Carne Meats Raw launches in several leading supermarket chains in Cambodia, such as Makro and Chip Mong

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US Blue Ribbon Beef now in Makro supermarkets in Cambodia

Blue ribbon certified Angus beef from the US is sure to be a success with beef-lovers in Cambodia. For restaurants, we can provide this juicy beef in whatever cuts suit your cuisine – for example beef cuts to suit Asian cuisines, including thin-sliced beef for hot pot, Korean BBQ and Japanese yakiniku and shabu shabu. Our butchers can also package this prime US beef in smaller retail sizes, to suit supermarket customers.

Ocean Gems Peeled Prawns In Lucky Supermarkets

Ocean Gems flash-frozen raw prawns are now available in retail packs. Frozen Hokkaido scallop, welks, dory fish, cleaned crabmeat and half shell scallops are also available. For easy cooking, supermarket customers can buy peeled frozen prawns with back veins and tails already removed (PDTO prawns). Or they can choose flash-frozen raw prawns with heads and tails on (HOSO prawns).